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Congress Summarry

            The purpose of congress is agreed by most, is to legislate for the public interest, the public interest however is not agreed on. The congress was established by the founders of this country, to be the first and most powerful branch of government. One of the first powers given to congress was to lay and collect taxes. The agreement was to give such a power to the more common branch of government. The role of congress is to a common defense to the general public. The many opinions of what is public interest make it hard to fulfill and the congress becomes one of the most unfavorable parts of govern recruitment. (Woll 5) .
             The make up of government consists of a 435 member House of Representatives with two-year terms of office and a 100 member Senate with a six-year term of office. The House of Representatives was created to by the constitution to represent the people, and to b directly elected by the people. The senate on the other hand was to be elected by state legislatures, until later amendments that allowed for their direct election. The house of representatives has the advantage on taxing and spending policies, because the Constitution stipulates that all money bills must originate in the house. .
             Over a period of time the candidates have gone from the masses to the elite, or were set up originally to work that way. The House of Representatives members are, seldom recruited from the masses; the recruited from the upper strata of society. They usually have strong social ties with state and community elite organizations. Most of these candidates are political entrepreneurs. Political entrepreneurs have the ability and desire to sell oneself to others as a candidates, to raise money from political contributors, to organize and motivate others to work on one=s campaign, and to communicate to others personally, in small groups and large audiences, and through the media. ( Woll 8 ) The dominant background of the majority of congress as its originators, is from some sort of professional and or business background.

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