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Freedom of Being Undeclared

             Attending college can broaden one's views unlike many other experiences. There are so many different educational experiences, career paths, and life choices extended by going to college that everyone who attends should definitely get the most they possibly can out of it. After all, college lays down the foundation for a career, which you will perform for 40 hours a week for the rest of your life. Going to college is very expensive and time consuming. The decision between changing college majors and attending college for a couple of additional years, or working in a field of little interest or excitement to you is not one that many people wish to confront. But there is one way to avoid this situation while at the same time enjoying college to the fullest and receiving a very well-rounded education to prepare you for a happy life in your field. Do not declare a major until you are very comfortable with the area you have chosen. Investigate as many fields as possible until you find one that suits yourself well and that you can picture yourself working in for a long time to come. That is right, be undeclared until the right field for you has been found. Remaining undeclared until you are comfortable with your chosen area will assist you greatly in achieving a happy life through enjoying your job, broadened views of the world around you, and associating with people with similar interests.
             Many people are not sure as to what living a happy life consists of. It obviously differs from person to person depending on what they enjoy, what is important to them, and what their interests are. But, to most everyone, living a happy life consists of living freely and letting your true self come out. It does not matter so much what you enjoy or what is important to you. What truly matters is achieving your goals, doing what you enjoy, and therefore living a very fulfilling life. If someone has a passion for young children let's say, I do not think that anything would be more self-fulfilling for them than to become a children's teacher.

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