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Rationally Selfish Society

             Urban Harmony may be achieved through the rationally selfish society, which is based upon rationally selfish ideals. The basic idea is individualism applied to politics: the dominance of individual choice regarding one's self. Government does not impose laws on people, people control government, and governments new focus is to help society function properly. It is the silent partner in the rationally selfish society. The economy benefits the selfish. Private business is free to operate for profit under the free enterprise system. Ethical selfishness is taught in homes, and even religious institutions (religions preach rational selfishness), but thee are no laws requiring any person to belong to any rligios group, complete freedom of worship is guaranteed to all residents.
             The altruist is not as admired as the individual who promotes himself and advances in life without sacrificing himself, for the moral law of the old society, this society does not require it. Rational self-interest is an ethics of self-reliance, of taking responsibility for one's own life and happiness. The servant doctrine is rejected.Each side pulls its own weight, and bothe sides win. The individual in the rationally selfish society works for what they own and wants. And handouts are not looked upon kindly, for it can destroy one's pride, and pride is what equalifies everyone, in the new society. Without self-worth you're not as equal as the rest.
             Government is run by the people, it's called the private gobrnmt, private government . it is the silent partner, it doesn not tax, nor pass laws, nor run the economy. But it print currency, it establishes uniform weights and measures, it issues patents and copyrights, it also finds work for people in need of a job, this helps put an endto unemployment, and its in charge of the army, homelad security.
             And it is throught her that hte residents of the new society execute what the society needs.

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