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            HAMLET inherits Claudius" will when acting on impulses brought on by the apparition.
             to obey the ghost's command and revenge his father, Hamlet accepts the intent and idea of revenge, .
             widening it slowly entangling him in Denmark's "unweeded garden". This creates a ripple of.
             vengefulness, murderous plots, and his relationship with other characters and creates revelations on life.
             and more importantly, death for him. Even before the ghost urges Hamlet to avenge his death, Hamlet.
             teeters on the edge of becoming more and more like his vengeful uncle. Whilst never evil in intent,.
             Hamlet is simply one of the finest examples of tragic heroes. Caught between his agony of mind and.
             indecision Hamlet's nature is neither treacherous like Claudius' nor rash like Laertes'. This combination of.
             values carries only tragedy when one such as Hamlet suffers such a fate as he did.
             Prior to the apparition's prompting, Hamlet is already devoured by melancholy over the loss of Old.
             Hamlet and his mother's "o'er hasty" marriage to Claudius. This suggests that Hamlet was already.
             inexorably linked to his Uncle's harsh thoughts and intent. "It is not, nor it cannot come to good." (Act1,.
             Scene2) Hamlet also feels jealousy towards his mother as their relationship goes beyond that of a normal.
             parent/child relationship. Whilst perhaps not sexual, their mere fifteen years age difference has enclosed.
             them in a very close-knit co-dependant affair. "You are the Queen, your husband's brother's wife, And,.
             would it not so, you are my mother." (Act3, Scene4) This jealousy and hatred Hamlet feels is close to.
             pushing him over the edge, so when the Ghost commands revenge Hamlet has already positioned.
             himself at the starting line ready to begin his descent into Denmark's underbelly.
             Hamlet's acceptance of the task of revenge, even if somewhat reluctant, is key to becoming more like.
             his uncle Claudius, despite the initial task of revenge being to remove himself from his uncle.

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