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             During World War II, Nazi Germany, under the rule of Adolf Hitler, rule almost every part of Europe. From the Atlantic Ocean deep into the Soviet Union, and from Norway to North Africa . That bring out Hitler's plane to have people in Europe serve the German. The ideal of Nazi was German people must have blond hair and blue eyes so they went around in the Europe took the children who looked like German from their parents then they made these children go to school in Germany. One of the Hitler's main goals was to wipe out all Jews in Europe, their genocide of European Jews was called "Holocaust". .
             In the west of Poland, the Nazi built many camps where prisoners were hold. The Nazi forces the people who lived in the area to moved and took their land to make room for camp's settle. They also forced these people to work in the camps and sent good number of people to the force labor camp. The order to get rid of the Jews, Hitler army rounded up all the Jews and sends them to camps. .
             The three main kinds of camps were concentration camps, force labor camps and death camps. The concentration camps were setup because they need a place to put the people who they arrested because normal jails was too small so they put them in the camp. The force labor camps were setup all the Eastern Europe occupied Russia, and the condition there was the same as the concentration maybe worst. Because the Nazi used them without give them food and gives them a few cloth again harsh weather as they did back- breaking labor. Even the camps were built with Jewish forced labor. And the death camps were mainly extermination camps, totally different from the concentration camps. Because they took more than thousands of lives everyday. Such camps "show the full extent of the Nazi hatred of the Jews, and their determination to destroy them" (Rogasky 78).
             The largest Nazi concentration camp was located thirty-seven miles west of Krakow, and that camp was named "Auschwitz", Most Jews were held there.

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