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             Why are people homeless? Are they lazy and just do not want to work, or are they victims of circumstance? Do they not care about their future, or are they mentally incapable of comprehending that there is a future? Are they healthy, or do they have some type of addiction or disability that keeps them from working? Whatever the reason may be for a person being homeless, one thing is certain. The plight of homeless people in this country is a serious growing problem that needs to be dealt with by the government. .
             The homeless are often seen as lazy people who do not want to work and are looking for a free ride. For this reason, they are often looked down on by higher classes of society. However, do the homeless actually enjoy being homeless? Do they enjoy not having a warm place to live during the winter? Do they enjoy not knowing where their next meal will come from? It is highly unlikely that there are any homeless people who actually derive joy from being homeless. Living out of a cardboard box cannot be considered getting a free ride.
             Homeless people are often people with some types of addiction or mental disability. Their mental capacity is marred enough to keep them from getting or holding down a stable job. The government should help the people who cannot help themselves. These people could be placed in government funded psychiatric institutions. Homeless people in this situation could be sheltered while getting psychiatric help. Some type of intervention should be provided by the government to get these people into these institutions. Without some type of hampering, many mentally impaired homeless people will never get the help they need. .
             Other people are victims of circumstance. Many people have lost their jobs due to big cutbacks at factories and businesses. Some families in states such as Iowa and Montana have lost their farms due to the high cost of production and maintenance and dwindling profit.

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