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Homicide In Washington D.C.

             Homicide is the most series crime in the last decade according to the census of 1990. There are a number of reasons why homicide should be addressed more and more families are affected and disturbed by the effects of homicide. Homicide is considered as taking the life of another person without legal justification or excuse negligent manslaughter suicide and deaths due to accident are excluded. In accordance with this research paper it will contain information on studies done on homicide pass and present, what experts say and reasons for homicide. Also providing an overview of homicide, it factors, challenges facing communities as well as law enforcement, and the role of the government in changing behavior. Also to keep the people informed and awareness about how homicide effects the District of Columbia communities, our loved ones and our way of life her in our nations capital. For this I have three independent variables and one dependent variable. My goal is to test their variables to see if there is a relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variables. (See Below).
             Homicide trends were almost the same for both genders, even when separated by race, despite large gender differences in homicide victimization rate levels."(Marvel). "The homicides committed by 294 women in Baltimore city from 1974 through 1986 findings were that the offender's age differentiates among women's homicides showing relatively the same pattern as are found in studies of men offenders". (Block). "About 50 percent of offenders are under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crime, substance use was more prevalent than nonuse before the homicide; 36 percent used alcohol only, 13 percent used both alcohol and drugs, 7 percent used drugs, and 43 percent did not use either."(Wiexzorek).
             TABLE I.
             Variables Analyzed.
             Independent Variables.
             Renter Occupied Housing in percent.
             Bachelor's Degree or Higher in Percent.

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