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Knowledge Management Systems

             In today's information based society, knowledge is power. By knowing their.
             customers a business will have the ability to build products coveted by their customers. .
             If a company is to get ahead in business today, they need to have a firm grasp on how to.
             get the best production out of their employees. One way to help employees be all they.
             can be is to provide them with the tools necessary to do their job. With the explosion of.
             the service industry, today more than ever what employees need to do their job is.
             information. Information about warehouse and store inventories, hot and cold selling.
             merchandise and most importantly information about the customers they service. .
             Software developers have heeded the call of the corporate leaders and are creating.
             technology to help managers collect the data they need and put it in a useful form. This.
             paper will discuss the emerging knowledge management systems being used today, in an.
             attempt to take advantage of the enormous databases which have been created. .
             Knowledge management is at various stages of development in American.
             businesses. Some companies are just taking their first steps toward identifying and.
             organizing the components of their information systems. Others have already recruited.
             knowledge managers and are looking to revamp and improve established system. The.
             tools a majority of these companies are using in the renovation efforts are knowledge.
             management systems. .
             A knowledge management system is a software tool that is intended to assist,.
             through knowledge processing functions, users who desire to retrieve and manipulate.
             information for different applications. The various tools of such a framework should help.
             users to originate and organize ideas or understand and communicate ideas more easily.
             and accurately than can be done with most current tools.

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