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Love Lost And Loved Again...or Do You Really

            Loved And Lost and loved again or do you really?.
             When I was fifteen years old, I fell into something so weird and crazy. It was love. I never wanted the feeling to leave but when it abandoned me, like a dog that lost a limb, I didn't think I would ever want to grasp that feeling again. So, what I did I was took that love I had, wrapped it in a metal box, chained it to a rock, and dropped it deep in the ocean of my heart. Now that I am older, I"m searching for my box and can't seem to find it. It's sad to say but when dropping an emotion so important as love, one must be prepared to have to dig deep within the recesses of the human heart. The most unexpected person came along to rescue my heart before it was lost forever, my son. The love from him will never fade like so many other types of love. I cherish him and will respect our love forever. I realize that from the first tug of the heart until one finds the joy of experiencing the excitement of lasting love with a soul mate, there will be the valley and mountaintop experiences. Therefore, he or she must not become discouraged while waiting for that certain someone. Mr. or Ms. Right surely is on the way. I have been at a point where I thought if I put a guard around my heart, I could keep out all the unwanted pain and hurt. But somehow, while keeping a watch out for those well defined males with their smooth lines and hard bodies, the swift feet have a way of slipping in the back door. Who has the answers when it comes to love? After all is said, and done a broken heart has a way of making one lose hope and faith. The pieces of a broken heart can be so fragile, and gentle hands massaging it with tender loving care only can repair it. .
             Sometimes those hands are so tiny but are rich with healing power. Hands still discovering there own potential determine to carry weighty packages to lighten the load. The wonder of it all is that without plan or preparation real love touches its target without aiming for it.

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