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            Daily across the world millions of people are smoking marijuana. In some places this is an illegal activity, but in other places it is very acceptable. The New Encyclopedia Britannica explains, "Marijuana, also spelled Marihuana the Indian plant hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa, or the crude drug composed of its leaves and flower, usually crushed and put into pipes or formed into cigarettes for smoking"(Encyclopedia Britannica). The intoxicating chemical in pot is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinal. The use of marijuana has been practiced for thousands of years. Numerous different cultures have had their own different uses for the drug. Snyder explains, "Marihuana was probably first used as an intoxicant in India around 1000 B.C. and soon became an integral part of the Hindu culture"(www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/library/studies/nc/nc1b.htm). Today, the intoxicating drug marijuana is filled in our nation's streets and homes. The majority of the pot, which comes into the United Stat!.
             es, comes from Mexico. But that does not mean that the drug is not grown here in the states. Rolling Stone Magazine writes that behind tobacco, Kentucky's second biggest cash crop is marijuana. The cultivators will grow their plants throughout the year starting in spring and harvesting in the fall seasons. The plants are then cut down and hung upside down to dry. The buds off of the plant are then picked off and ready to be sold on the streets to our nation's kids. Even though there are severe consequences for practicing this act in America, people still make a living doing it every year. These same people along with many other followers want this drug to be legalized in America today. Marijuana cannot be legalized in America for medical or social purposes.
             Smoking marijuana is not a safe or effective medicine. The use of any drug whether it be legal or not is not healthy for one's body to smoke. A human body lives off of breathing oxygen.

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