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Old Man And The Sea

            The novel Old Man and the Sea contains many elements of symbolism.
             greatest and most obvious symbolisms in the story is Christianity. From the beginning of.
             the story the reader is shown a unique relationship between Santiago and Manolin. Their.
             relationship parallels that of Christ and his disciples. Manolin is Santiago's disciple and.
             Santiago teaches Manolin about fishing and life. One of the greatest lessons that Santiago.
             gives is that of a simple faith. "Have faith in the Yankees my son." This type of faith.
             reflects the basic principles of Christianity. .
             Hemingway's description of Santiago further illustrates Christian symbolism.
             Hemingway gives a reference to the nail-pierced hands of Christ by stating that Santiago's.
             "hands had deep creased scars." Hemingway also parallels Santiago's suffering to that of.
             Christ by stating that "he settled against the wood and took his suffering as it came.".
             Even more profound is the description of Santiago's response when he saw the sharks,.
             "just a noise such a man might make, involuntarily feeling the nail go through his hands.
             and into the wood." Further symbolism is shown when Santiago arrives home and carries.
             the mast across his shoulders as Christ carried the cross to Calvary. Also, like Christ,.
             Santiago could not bare the weight and collapsed on the road. When he finally reached his.
             cabin "he slept face down on the newspapers with his arms out straight and the palms of.
             his hands up." Santiago's house is even a religious symbol. Another prevalent symbol.
             that the author uses is numbers. The numbers forty, three, and twelve are prevalent.
             numbers in the bible and Hemingway places them throughout the book as symbols of this.
             connect with the bible. Hemingway puts these themes together in such a way that they do.
             not conflict with each other. He does allow Christianity to be a more dominant theme than.
             the other but instead makes it more symbolic than intentional. He does not smother the.

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