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            The Movie "O" is the modern rendition of Shakespeare's classic tragedy "Othello". A basketball court at a private southern high school replaces Othello's battlefield, and Mekhi Phifer as Odin (O) portrays the role of our tragic hero Othello, while Julia Stiles as Desi plays the innocent Desdemona, Josh Hartnett as Hugo plays our envious and Machiavellian villain Iago. The movie walks us through the play giving us a modern comprehensible view while still maintaining the same context of the play.
             Our tragic hero Odin is the star basketball player for a private high school in the south. His skills on the basketball court are without comparison, and his charisma and ability to win the love of others is unrivaled. He is loved by all and hated by one his best friend Hugo. Hugo is jealous of Odin's talent and Odin's relationship with the coach (Hugo's father), their teammates, and Desi. Hugo sets his plot to destroy Odin in motion when Odin receives an award and praise for his performance on the basketball court. Under the disguise of helping Odin, Hugo manipulates Odin into having serious suspicions about Desi, planting the seed that she's cheating on him with teammate, Michael. Hugo, with the help of Roger formulates and elaborate plan to destroy everything that Odin has work for.
             This movie I consider a masterpiece. I enjoyed every moment of the film. In reading "Othello" and then going to see "O" I found it amusing attempting to match parts of the movie with scenes from the play. Many who read "Othello" have a difficult time grasping the concept of the play, because of the language barrier seeing this movie gives a crystal clear understanding of "Othello". Honestly I"m sad to see that it didn't do that well in the box office, and if it were still playing I would go see it again or even purchase it.

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