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             Throughout American history there have been changes .
             that have shaped the way we live today.
             small things: for example the way we vote, the way .
             requirements for a citizenship are obtain and other minor .
             things that does not effect every person at any given time. .
             There are also many consistent ways we have lived in .
             America through our history such as: the two party systems .
             and how we are represented have been constant for a long .
             period of time in the United States. None of these things .
             are as important as the end of segregation and our .
             economic structure, capitalism. These two effect the entire .
             country continuously throughout history, no matter who you .
             are our what your beliefs or your political views. .
             Capitalism is one of the longest and most important .
             constants in America today. It's emphasis around the .
             "America Dream" defines America and appeals to many .
             countries, that you can own your own land, business, .
             house, car, or almost anything you could ever want. This .
             is the very essence that has separated the United States for .
             the rest of the world for a long time. The idea that the .
             harder you work and the better of a job you do will bring .
             you financial success in your life. .
             What would happen to America if we no longer had .
             capitalism as our economic structure? There have been .
             two times in American history when capitalism was almost .
             taken away from us. If WWII had a different outcome, as .
             it almost did, wouldn't the country be almost forced into .
             Fascism? This may seem as a unlikely outcome but what .
             would of happen to the "American Dream." During the .
             Cold War it was a stand- off between Capitalism and .
             Communism. If was a very tense time, and some say it .
             was just luck or a toss of the dice that we didn't convert .
             and the Soviets did. Since these changes would of happen .
             in the last half-century the effects would still be felt in .
             America. What would happen to the "American Dream"? .
             The way that every one lived in this country would be .

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