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Presentation On The Changing Political Causes Of The French Revolution.

            Presentation On The Changing Political Causes Of The French Revolution.
             Class struggles in Britain in the 1960's and 70's led to greater divisions amongst the people. Because of the ideological desire for something to benefit the people amid increasing social chaos, socialism looked attractive and many Marxist ideas gained popularity and support. This struggle was echoed throughout much of the world. The French Revolution was perceived as a great success for democracy. Its three key aims of liberty, equality and fraternity became desirable objectives.
             In the late 1960's, the concept of moral decline in society was introduced by the right to explain crumbling traditional values. For example by 1968, students in France were rioting. This period of minor revolt was echoed throughout the world. All sides recognised that changes urgently needed to be made. The law and order element of politics made its first appearance, aimed at targets of a non political kind, including, student movements, counter cultures, the drift towards moral permissiveness, and the conflict between authority and social values. Many, Marxists amongst the great masses became detached from their nations traditional ideologies. Their growing power caused a cry to come from below for the restoration of the old order, for discipline and moral regulation. Social formation reached the worst crisis point for two decades - some would argue, nearly a century.
             The conservatives in the 70's tried to renovate the social formation of a society fraught with class battles. Heath attempted to achieve this by employing the twin instruments of the economic free for all and legal compulsion. It ended in ruins, brought to a conclusion of widening and defensive class militancy. The long-term crisis of the British economy coincided with a world recession; the oil crisis put paid to any ideas of regeneration in economic conditions.

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