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            Is rap the kind of music we want our kids to listen to? There are many people who believe rap is a negative influence; however a lot of people believe that is a positive force. Finch comes to the conclusion to believe that as African-American's, we need to stop and think about what our music is saying about our culture. Ards believes that many gangs settle disputes through lyrical battles and break-dancing instead of violence. Rap is the kind of music that people have different opinions about, because there is a positive and a negative side to it. I believe that main key to this arguments is, the kind of education we are brought up with, because it distributes how we listen to rap.
             Aisha K.Finch, believes that many hip-hop artist don't understand Standard English. She states that many people listen to rap, and that is also growing around the world; however she is very concerned because is also worried about the message being sent out to the people. Since rap has a great beat, many times people don't listen to the lyrics which are generally about violence, anger and sex. Rap listener's increases everyday; therefore the repeated sounds and messages sensitize our brain to see the violence, anger and sex as a normal action. Finch, suggest that the lyrics should change to inspire a positive new message. .
             Angela Ards, views rap as a positive force because many gangs settle arguments through lyrical battles and break-dancing competitions instead of acts of violence.

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