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Role Of Blacks In The Civil War

             "We must fight now, not because we want to subjugate.
             the South but because we must," (McPherson 486) was the cry.
             of the Northerners during slavery. Like Galations 5:1.
             states, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.
             Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burned again.
             by the yoke of slavery." This means that we should stand.
             firm against everything that is wrong, because Jesus has set.
             everyone free from sin just like the Civil War set slaves.
             free from slavery. The Civil War, also known as the war.
             Between the States, was fought on American soil and was the.
             result of the disagreement between the South and the North.
             on slave issues. After the signing of the Emancipation.
             Proclamation it become a fight of freedom for blacks (Sawyer.
             15-18, Meltzer 73-82).
             During the slave trade, African American were.
             transported by Europeans who planned to sell them as slaves.
             If the slaves were weak or unhealthy they were often.
             abandoned. Nearly 50,000 blacks chained side-by side were.
             brought to America. They were placed in the slave market.
             when they arrived in America, and at auction white .
             property was often sold along with the slaves (Hughes.
             Opponents of slavery, called Abolitionists, believed .
             slavery was immoral and the Declaration of Independence.
             should be applied to everyone, slaves as well as whites,.
             that they might enjoy the rights of "life, liberty, and the.
             pursuit of happiness" (Hughes 40-42, Meltzer 79-84).
             The Civil War occurred for many reasons. One was the.
             election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United.
             States in 1860. The Southern Democrats did not accept.
             Lincoln as president, because they believed that his stand.
             against the expansion of slavery would ruin the South.
             (Encarta). .
             Another reason was the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which.
             allowed each new territory to decide whether the new state.
             would be a free state or a slave state. This launched a.
             bloody battle in Kansas between proslavery and antislavery.

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