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Sexual Positions

             Sex is one of the most heated issues in our society today. Obviously sex has always been here, but in the past people were at least a little more discreet and respectful, and it was much more common for sex to be honored in marriages only. Now, sex education is taught to junior high school students, teachers are giving out condoms, and sex is so far from being sacred that it's sad. Slowly it has been revealed to in layer, in such a way that we are no longer surprised that America is one of the leading countries for sex - related problems. How did it go from sex representing a bond of love between man and wife, to multiple sex partners, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies that are usually unwanted? Who or what is to blame for the obvious decline in our values? Before fingers are pointed, take a look at a few problems we are having today. There is a lack of communication between parents and children, the media is infested with sex, broadcasting it on television and th!.
             eatres, and even on radios to audiences of all ages, and the thought of any principles being displayed in anyone's daily life seems ancient. .
             Everyday new commercials are aired desperately encouraging parents to discuss with their children what is going on in their lives. Most teens faced with the overwhelming decision of sex are unaware of all the consequences it can bring. Perhaps the teachers skim over the ugly part' of sex, which usually includes the physical diseases and pregnancies, but parents need to re - emphasize these problems and warn their children of the emotional pain that can come with having sex before total commitment, love and trust is in the relationship. Some parents would argue that they do know what is going on their kid's lives and that can learn for themselves about sex. I disagree. .
             Too many times parents assume that their children are doing well without their help, and never even ask about how things are going.

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