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Tender At The Bone

             Ruth has a unique way of relating food to her everyday life. She has viewed food as a security blanket to keep her safe and sane in her insane life. Ruth portrayed herself as a very responsible independent child, young adult, and woman. She used food as a bridge to make friendships, establish rituals, bridge cultures, and heal wounds. Having such a hard time separating fact from fiction in her mother's manic depressant world made her what she is today, one of the country's best food critics. With one sour remark from her she could close down a restaurant before the next day's Tribune could even hit the press. Ruth has realized food can be very dangerous, but also can be a way of making sense of the world. It also gives her a sense of hope that things could be much worse as not have food as a stepping stone to make life more bearable. Food has become her best friend getting her through times she never would have with out it. Cooking herself a better life. In her memoir Tender to the Bone, Ruth Reichl dishes out delectable tales of her growing up at the dinner table, each weaving a tale of her unforgettable life, a particular view about food and what it means to her. .
             Ruth realized at a very young age that food can be a killer. Not understanding why her family had not fallen victim to the food is still a question she"ll never know. From breakfast to dinner and even her mothers outlandish parties had kept her on her toes from as early in life as she could remember. In the mornings she could get out of bed and open the fridge to see what kind of mood her mother was in always praying for the best preparing for the worse. With a mother that would poison the world if she could made her grow up before her time trying to safe lives. Her mother picked up the phone "Who doesn't feel well"(18)? "All of them"(18)? " "Nonsense" Ruth heard her say. "We all feel fine. And we ate everything""(19). Bobs engagement party turned out to be a disaster even if it was turned into a fundraiser.

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