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The Two Towers

             The book I read was The Two Towers, Part II of The Lord of the Rings, by J. The Lord of the Rings mean Sauron, the evil lord who created the one ring and is determined to regain his ring at any cost.
             One of the main characters in the book is Frodo. Frodo and me are different because he is a hobbit and I am a human. Also he lives in Middle Earth and I live in present time. He is a part of a rich hobbit family and I come from a middle class Italian family. My life is non fiction and his life is fiction. .
             Frodo and I are alike in many ways. We both like to eat many different foods. We both like lots of comfort in our lives. Both of us are very adventurous and like to go many places. Frodo and I are very loyal to our friends and family. We both are gentle to other people and things unless provoked. .
             The Two Towers is set in medieval times and the Middle Earth. The land is full of many mysterious creatures like Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves Orcs, Goblins and Wargs. I think that the story could not take place in another time or place, because technology would be too advanced and there would not be enough forest for the story to take place.
             I liked this story because it was a fantasy. The things I liked most in the story were the battles. I also liked the devotion of Sam to his master Frodo and the courage of Frodo. I also liked the wizardry of Gandalf.
             One thing I disliked about the story was that the names were too similar and hard to pronounce. In addition, they were hard to remember because characters had more than one name like Gandalf who was also called the White Wizard, Gandalf the Grey, and Mithrandir.
             If I wrote a sequel to this book it would pick up from where Frodo was carried away and Sam got the ring. During the sequel Sam would save Frodo from the Orcs and find the other elves and warriors. Sam would then with the help of the elves and warriors take over the Orcs and destroy the ring that Sam was wearing.

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