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Three Kings

             Three Kings is a movie about three men that believe that they are getting ripped off by the US Army. They heard that there was Kuwaiti gold hidden somewhere in the Middle East. So the three men began their journey for the gold, thinking that it was an easy, low-risk plan. When they got to the gold, it was too heavy for them to carry out. They were offered help by Kuwaiti refugees if the three men would later help them escape. At this point, their gold search had turned into a rescue mission. The three men began their mission for the gold as greedy bastards, but in the end, they grew a heart for the refugees and gave them some of the gold. Although the movie had a tragic ending, it was an overall good film. .
             Going in to the Gulf War, the Iraqi armies had extensive experience because they had just ended a war with other middle-eastern countries. The Coalition troops, on the other had, were fairly inexperienced in actual warfare. They had not been involved in as much actual warfare as the Iraqi's. However, the Iraqi troops proved to have the wrong experience as they suffered the most losses of the war. The Iraqi's lost most of their tanks and artillery during the war. The war had many casualties on both sides, but the Iraqi's suffered the worst.
             Three Kings was dramatic, but was a truthful representation of what the Gulf War was all about. Its depictions of war are accurate to what the text states and also what is found on the internet. It was an enjoyable movie, while historically accurate.

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