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Trash To Steam

             Ford Mustangs America's muscle car, introduced in the 1960's. This car has been one of the number one cars bought out of the Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette. The body style changed though out the years and the car slower and slower. One of the most popular models was the 1969 Mac 1. The Boss 302 flew around the tracks. .
             The Beginning.
             In the early 60's the only American sports car was the corvette at a price to high. The one good thing about the Ford Mustang is that you could make it fast real easily. Every one has their favorite Mustang mine is the 1993 GT. After 1993 they changed the body style and put in a different engine. The engine didn't really make a big difference it just made it lighter.
             Speed .
             The Fastest Mustang probably is going to be the 2004 it is suppose to have a 5.8 engine, which is bigger, the corvette engine. The second fastest is the 1993 mustang Gt. (That's the one I have) it is the last body style of the fox. .
             Over the years the car has grown more popular and it has gotten faster and faster. At the rate the Mustang is growing it should have no problem being the number one car out there. Which isn't surprising because it not only is very sporty but it is also cheap.

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