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United States And The World

             Since the end of the cold war the United States has been the only world superpower. With a major role over foreign affairs, the U.S. has become a policeman if foreign turmoil and policy- making. The U.S. has alone stood atop the countries of Japan, Germany, Russia, and all other Eastern European and Asian countries. Since September 11, 2001, the role of the U.S. as a policeman has been critisized by many people. In two articles by Benjamin Schwarz, "Why America Thinks It Has To Run The World" and "A Grand New Strategy", a change in U.S. foreign policy must be made. .
             "Why America Thinks It Has To Run The World" is an article written before the actions that took place on September 11, 2001. The title of this article is also a very important question. America has long played a major role in foreign policy. In fact the article describes the U.S. as an "adult supervisor" for the world. The reason the U.S. has been playing the supervisor role is simple. The U.S. fears the roles of some Eastern European and Asian countries, such as Germany and Japan. The article states that "its imperative of continued U.S. world leadership"(100). The article explains that if the U.S. does not maintain dominance over these countries, then countries will gain power and trigger a "domino effect" with other countries. This will lead to all countries wanting to gain power and may lead to actions against the U.S. The article also mentions the U.S. is thinking about withdrawing its leadership and influence over these countries. In many eyes, this would be a logical plan for the U.S. future, but it cannot happen. The U.S. has its foot to deep in foreign policies. If the U.S. stops controlling foreign policy, there will be no order. The article states a solution, " U.S. will have to understand the foreign policy that is conducted in their name and re-examine the requirements for their own security and prosperity"(102). .
             The second article "A New Grand Strategy" was written after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

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