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Why Violence Should Be Kept On Television

            Why Violence Should Be Kept on Television.
             Many people think violence does not need to be portrayed on television. Others think that is does not matter if violence is on television. Before a person can make a decision on whether it is right or wrong to show violence on television, a person must know exactly what violence means. According to Webster's dictionary, violence is defined as an unjust or callous use of force or power, as in violating another's rights, sensibilities, and other things done towards a person. When debating on whether violence should exist on television, many arguments arise. A famous argument that arises is that violence on television is harmful to children. Although violent television shows are bad for children, they should still be shown on television because violence reflects society. People also have a choice as to what they want to watch on television. Also television shows provide income for people.
             Many people argue that violent shows should not be shown on television because they are harmful to children. Many people against the showing of violent shows believe these shows cause children to behave badly in school. Television shows with violence influences children to act rebelliously and defiantly in school. These children do not pay attention and they do not get very far in school. They also believe that violent television shows cause children to grow up to become violent adults. The people that are against violent shows think these shows make children believe that violence is all right to act out. They think the children who watch violent television shows are most likely to go to jail or be in abusive relationships. Finally, people against the showing of violent shows think they should not be shown because they cause children to suffer from emotional or mental problems. These children suffer because they are learning violence from television and learning that violence is bad from another source, so these children are confused.

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