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Web Site Analysis

            There are an exuberant amount of websites that give information regarding education on the internet. Unfortunately, many of the sites are misrepresented and contain mediocre information, as well as peoples" opinions and views. While looking on the internet for a site that contains information on labeling in special education and also providing definitive structure and coherence, I came across the website ENC.org (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse). ENC.org is a resourceful website that provides students, educators, and parents access to quality materials and information geared towards improving K-12 mathematics and science curriculum. .
             ENC.org provides visitors with a very comprehensive homepage, which accurately directs you to all of the websites" features and tools. There are three different functional ways to view the web page, text based (no interactive graphics), graphics based (interactive graphics that coincide with text), and printable version (a condensed version of text for printing). The convenience of these features accommodate the needs of its readers, such as those looking to do research directly from the web page could either use text or the printable version, those with the intent of just surfing (scrolling and observing the various web pages) may utilize all the web pages designs, and find the graphic version visually appealing. Along with visual appeal and diversity, the website is organized and user friendly. It is designed with web links incorporated in the text and is easily accessible among articles and information, as well as a categorized list of links by subject matter. The functionality of the links being embedded in the text, as well as being placed on a separate page, provides the user with a fluid transition between the information on ENC.org and other related links.
             ENC.org provides tremendous site design, but its information is where the user can see the sites true function.

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