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What Inspired Me to Succeed

            Throughout my lifetime, I have met many people who have inspired me and made me want to follow their footsteps. I have gone through situations where the decisions I made have significantly influenced the way I have carried out my lifestyle. However, none of these people or situations have enthused my desire to succeed like one particular experience.
             The summer after my freshman year in High School I obtained a part - time job in a jewelry store. When I was interviewed, the owner informed me that I was going to get hired to perform duties such as filing, creating invoices, and answering the phone.She also told me that I would assist the workers in the making of the jewelry and that sometime in the future I would get promoted and make jewelry as well. I was very excited and motivated because this job was going to give me the opportunity to earn extra money for the summer and give me the chance to develop my skills as well to obtain new ones. Unfortunately, everything was different once I started working. .
             Right on my first week on the job I started to feel uncomfortable. I noticed that my boss was somehow taking advantage of me in many ways. In contrast to what I was hired for, I was working in a room preparing packages for delivery as well as running errands outside. Most of these errands consisted of going to other jewelry stores by myself to get jewelry and other materials needed for making them. This scared me because, in a city like New York, it was very unsafe for a 14-year-old to be carrying large amounts of jewelry in the streets by herself without some protection. I worked from 9 in the morning till 6 in the afternoon with the exception of a lunch break. .
             During my work hours, I was prohibited from talking to my fellow workers and even using the phone. I was getting paid a low salary, and our management didn't even provide its employees with an air conditioner, which would have been appropriate for such a warm time of the year.

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