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America Takes A Stand

             There seems to be no greater example of the definition of the word inevitability than the crisis of the American Revolution. A practical, but well rounded definition found in the Webster's New International Dictionary states, " certain to happen; unavoidable." Yes, I do believe the American Revolution was inevitable. After the French and Indian War, Britain lost a great amount of money, and to make up for that loss, they decided to tax the colonists. Most colonists believed that they weren't at fault for Britain's deficit, so in a responding way they ended up rebelling. After each rebellion, England would think up a new way to tax the colonists so that they wouldn't be as mad but still able to keep a taxation. As each new tax law was invented, the colonists disliked it even more became more upset. It was becoming apparent that the relationship between America and Britain was just going to become worse.[1] .
             After wars, a country usually loses money, or gains it, depending if they lose or win. Britain lost and ended up paying for their deficit by applying numerous taxes towards the colonies. When British starting bringing on all of the taxations towards the colonies, it obviously became a turning point when the revolts from the colonists started. There was a time when both the British and the American colonists realized there was no trying to back out of the inevitable revolution or taking their word back on either sides and I believe the greatest point of no return was the great Battle at Saratoga. .
             American colonies came to the new world at the beginning for a sole purpose of sense of freedom, whether it was religious or political, or in some cases both. They were able to obtain this feeling when moving from Britain to a place of their own. In this new world the colonists realized they were able to have economic liberties, free religion, and favorable politics.

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