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            Subject: What do you think is the most important invention of the 20th century? Choose only one. Provide spesific details to support your choice.
             20th century may be called as the century of inventions. Because, no past centuries have seen so many inventions affecting daily lives of the people. Today we have personal computers, Internet, faster transportation vehicles, more advanced medical devices which make our life safer, easier and comfortable. But naming the most important one I can say that it was the invention of the Internet. Because it brings a huge quantity of data together and makes it accessible to everyone regadless of his nation, age, occupation, gender or something else .And also it as provides new advanced communication technics which offer a lots af advantages of its users.
             In old days, it was not so easy to reach every kind of information you need. Let's say when you are requried to do a homework on a spesific topic you should have needeed to go to a library and search for your topic. But after the Internet, you need not to go to library because you can do it from your desk and all you need is a computer which provides an access to the Internet. This helps you save your time as well as provide you with more resources in terms of different topics and amount of data, and this is only one benefit that Internet offers.
             As I mentioned above another new development that Internet introcuded our lives is, after Internet people began to enjoy more fast, reliable and cheaper communication tools such as e-mails and other visual communication devices. By these tools you may now communicate with your friends and family more frequently and faster at really low prices compared with the classical communication methods such as telephone or letter. .
             Taking account that the transmission speeds double by every new year and more and more people are added to those who use Internet at the moment, in the coming days it will provide more storage for new data masses at faster speeds and this will make it more popular and common in our daily lives.

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