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             In Beowulf, the main character, Beowulf, is proclaimed a hero for slaying three large animals. In actuality, Beowulf is a cold-blooded murderer. Grendel, the first animal that Beowulf slaughtered, did nothing but mind his own business. He lived at the bottom of a lake, for cryin" out loud. He did eat the occasional human, but is that really a crime? Humans eat nearly every other species without remorse or persecution so why is it bad when other creatures nibble on a human for a snack once in a while? The second animal Beowulf killed was Grendel's mama. Her only crime was to try and avenge her son's murder, something that is almost guaranteed to any human mother. She was also brutally terminated for her courageous efforts. In the storyline there was a dragon whose sole purpose in life was to guard human treasure. This task was obviously given to him by a human because what other being would want to protect something that is only valuable to humans? One day when the dragon was just doing his job, Beowulf decided that he should die. Beowulf savagely exterminated the dragon for simply doing that which he was trained to do. Beowulf had an unsatisfyable craving for murder and he indulged in his hunger any chance that he got.

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