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Body Art In The Work Place

            When I think about the words "body art,"" I think about self-expression. It comes in many forms such as tattoos, body piercing, skin branding and scarification, and to even more extreme measures such as amputation of body parts. Body art has been an accepted form of body modification for thousands of years. Tattooing has been around since 12000 BC; records prove that they "were found in Egypt during the time of the building of the pyramids- (Desai). The earliest forms of body piercing also date back to the Egyptians, where Pharos would have their navels pierced ("Body Piercing-). Ever since then, this art form has made its way all around the world, and it is becoming a widely accepted form of self-expression. However, it is also considered an unacceptable way to modify your body, especially in the work place. I feel that no such person adorning any form of body art, no matter how extreme the case, should be denied a job that they are qualified to perform.
             I do not think people should judge others by their first impression of a person. A man who wears a suit and tie would be considered to be a better person than a teenager that wore baggy jeans and an oversized coat, and that is what I think is wrong with the world today. People judge others without getting to know them first; they usually discriminate against people by appearance. When someone wants to get a job, they must first have an interview with a manager of that business. In that interview the person is asked several questions, so that they can get a better feel for the person they are about to hire. More than often, the individual would be shunned away due to having piercings on the face and/or visible tattoos, as opposed to a person who had neither. An individual who has been subject to this type of discrimination says, "I have 16 piercings, and most of them are on my face. I have a hard time finding a job, and it is irritating- (Arcade).

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