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Children And Television

            The article that was assigned "Is Television Harmful to Children?" shows the views of two studies and opinions that were made by Marie Winn and Daniel R. Anderson. Marie Winn claims that television influences children in a negative way. She quotes that it robs them of opportunities for family activities and for the development of intellectual and social skills. On the other hand Daniel R. Anderson argues that there is no confirmation that television makes children mentally unreceptive or that it affects their attention span. .
             Marie Winn claims television is responsible for many of society's ills, especially in children. Many scientists have hypothesized many negative effects of television. In many cases children suffer shortened attention span, increased aggression. Moreover, many parents worry about the poor quality in television programs. Also, parents commonly use television to make childrearing less burden some.
             The time the children spent watching television, represent a loss of opportunities for more meaningful family interaction and for the development of important social skills. Parents worry about the program their children watch, violent, so sexually explicit, so cynical, and so unsuitable. Television serves families in others ways as time filler. Turning on television set can turn off the processes that transform children in to people. Parents use television to take a break from infants because it is hard to care a baby toddler. Television keeps children away for play or familiar activities. .
             A study shows the children who watch a lot television are more obese than children who watch less television. A lot television viewing has an adverse effect on children's achievement in school. Children who watch more television have lower scores in reading than those who watch less television. Television can cause an addition and destroy their familiar life. .
             Daniel R. Anderson argues that there is no consistent evidence that television makes children mentally passive.

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