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Deli V. Fast Food

            In the year 2002, many Americans do not cherish the value of sitting down for three meals every day. The typical American values speed and convenience, which is what society seems to ask for in every aspect of life. Food, in that respect, is no different. However, hamburgers, fries, and other types of fast food are becoming more and more commonly the ease of one's hunger. Nevertheless, it will benefit a person, more often than not, to choose deli over fast food.
             With a busy schedule, the average person often has no time to relax and sit down for a long meal. This person, most of the time, will also find that there are two main options: fast food and some type of deli. Although it can be said that fast food lives up to its name, is convenience replacing quality in significance? Many people make the choice to eat greasy, fattening foods over simple sandwiches with fresh vegetables only to save a few minutes. Some Americans, however, are beginning to realize the advantages of deli food. Many people are even finding that the quality of food in the fresh bread, meat, and sauces just might be well worth the sacrifice of a few minutes.
             Another important matter, although it comes down to opinion, is that of taste. The fast food industry offers grilled or fried entrees and side orders with the basic American condiments (i.e. ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise). In the typical deli restaurant, however, one can order anything from roast beef or smoked turkey to tuna or even meatballs. Along with sandwiches, deli chains often offer soups and salads. Walking into one of these restaurants gives a person access to a multitude of good tastes, even if this person is a picky eater. There are endless combinations of bread, meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces for each individual who desires something good to eat.
             The biggest issue affecting the overwhelming number of fast food fans is health.

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