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Christ Fully Human and Divine

             The life of Jesus Christ is extraordinary and pinnacle in humankind's existence. Not only in a historical aspect, but more importantly in a religious significance. In his life, being both fully human and divine and through his teachings and its messages, it has spurned a religion and its faith that remains the central stronghold of Catholicism and its members today.
             If one is to understand Catholicism they must attest to the fact that "Jesus is the focus of Christianity, the object of divine revelation, symbol of God and exemplor of human life." A main aspect that makes Jesus so central to the Catholic faith today is the concept of Jesus being both fully human yet fully divine at the same time. This is one of the godly mysteries of his being. It establishes a bond for understanding and exemplary living to followers because like themselves Jesus was human and shares the same fears, emotions, and convictions of humanity, but also at the same time he was the word of God, divinely God in the flesh. Since the early days of the Catholic Church to present times theologians have searched and debated to find answers and understanding of this concept. To understand the relationship of fully human and divine, one must examine Jesus" life. "Christology" is a theological term used in reference for the understanding of the nature and the person of Jesus.
             In examining Christology it is important to note that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine but that does not mean he is a mixture of the two natures with one nature ever being more prominent over the other. It must be understood that he is not two persons in one. In examining Christology we understand the nature of Jesus through Jesus in history (Jesus" life) and through Jesus in Faith. (Jesus teachings and the formulation of them into the Catholic faith) .
             When one looks at Jesus through history one can see through his life many examples of his fully human and fully divine being.

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