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Disco Music

             I would have belonged to the "disco crowd", because the rhythm is energizing and simply ear friendly. The environment in which disco is played is unreal with its disco balls and lights like an outer space feeling. Disco has a magical way to make you feel good about yourself. It can make you feel sexy, when wearing those totally sparkly and flashy colors with ridiculous high boots that adds a little color to life; the kind of clothes and free attitude that I don't wear in my everyday life. .
             Disco is easy to listen to. It is not a music that makes you reflect on life's struggles or the meaning of life. It is about love and daily facts that everybody can live or dream about. For example, the Bee Jee's song "Saturday Night Live" what a fantastic song; I can see myself dancing with John Travolta. .
             With disco, it is simply impossible to be in a sad mood. The sounds are tinselly. Strings, horns and cymbals are a vital part of this music. .
             Disco is a good way to lay back, goof off and show your hidden side. It is not outdated and from time to time interesting and amusing to listen to. The key to disco is timeless rhythm .

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