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Education Problems

            During high school while taking math classes and reading classes, each student thinks to themselves, “when will I ever use this stuff in the real world.” But what they don’t understand is that the real world is based on what you learn in high school and college. Students don’t realized just how important these classes and tests are in life. Math and reading skills are a very important part of being an adult. We use math and reading for everything, reading signs while driving, reading an application for a job and even reading the drive thru menu at a McDonalds. I believe that we need to express in simpler terms just how important reading and math is to everyday life. The government’s intervention is very important. I believe by making it a requirement to pass the Aims math and reading tests is a benefit to high school students and will help them as adults, even if they don’t realize it yet. .
             Educational achievement is measured by the performance on tests and how long the students will stay in school. Poor children are discriminated against in many ways, which affects the performances of their test scores, mainly because of the socioeconomic status of their parents. The parents in these lower social classes seem to be less educated and this tends to affect the education of their children, mainly by no books at home for the children to read or the fact that the parents can’t even help their children with their homework. The children from lower income families can’t afford as much education as those from more financially set families, which is why a lot of them don’t finish high school and don’t attend college. The dropout rates seem to increase more with the minorities and the lower socioeconomic status families. This is because a lot of the children in lower income families have to drop out of high school and find really low paying jobs to help support their family.

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