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Evolution Of Cars

            Throughout the early 1900's and as early as 1900 it was very common to here about men such as Henry Ford. Men such as Henry Ford were on their way to developing a motorized vehicle (Justin 1). Many early inventors had good ideas but not good products. Inventors were also trying to keep the prices low so the public would be able to afford them. Many such as Gottileb Daimler and Karl Benz struck it big when they produced there first production vehicle (Daimler 1). Little did these men know that they would have multi million dollar automotive and industrial companies named after them making everything from automobiles to air craft engines.
             Ford motor company has been making cars for the public since 1903. During the early to mid 1900's Henry Ford was trying to build a vehicle that could be bought by an everyday worker. An average worker for this time only made $500 a year. In 1906 Ford introduced the Model N which sold for $600. With the price being so high not many people could afford them (Justin 2). Trying to improve the price he introduced the Model T. The model t sold for $500. Ford was able to keep the price down because every car used the same parts and they were put together by many people on an assembly line. The Model T was one of the first cars to be built in mass production (Justin 3). The Model T became one of the most popular cars of its time. It was not the cheapest but it was one of the most reliable. But suddenly, in 1925, sales of the Model T began to decline. Despite the added improvements over the years, the Model T was not keeping up with the competition. Much more expensive cars were doing better in sales then it. These cars had new features like a self-starter that started with a turn of a key and removable tires. The model T had none of this (Justin 3). Finally, on may 25, 1927, the Ford Motor Company made a formal announcement that it would build a new car and drop the Model T from production.

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