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evolution:fact or theory

             We need to distinguish between theory and fact. A fact is something that is true and can be easily substantiated. It is an observation statement accepted pragmatically and operationally as being true because to substitute a predicate of opposite meaning would be absurd (would violate common sense) and also because the statement is subject to verification by many observers and by mechanical means of documentation, with no expressed alternative statements. A theory on the other hand is an unproven hypothesis, which scientists propose as an explanation for something. Theories are tested by observation and repeatable experiments. In our modern society, many people believe in many different ideas relative to the existence of the universe. On the one side, some people believe that God created the world and since no one but God observed creation and it not being something which is repeatable, no one can prove how the universe came into existence. Science on the other hand, however uses different ideas to support the idea that Darwin is famous for called Evolution or natural selection in justifying existence of life forms. Every society has a different idea of where life came from. Many however, teach the theory of evolution as a fact instead of treating it as an unproven theory.
             Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution to explain the origin diversity and complexity of life. However, his theory of Natural Selection is flawed and succumbs to numerous and severe logical inconsistencies. Natural Selection only tries to explain small "evolutionary- changes collectively known as Microevolution which is basically insignificant to quantify and qualify species transition in evolution.
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