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Family Values

             In a world of devious stares, overlooking eyes, and judgmental characters, we are left to face reality as if being slapped with a brick wall. Family and family values throughout the years have been shown to be diminishing in our list of "things to improve". It is often overlooked how much quality time is actually spent with a child, or a house hold for that matter. The question is, what's to expect from diminished family values, and who's to blame? .
             To begin, we must understand that we are living in an era where everything seems kosher; by definition, fit and proper. Nothing seems to bother us as Americans, and it seems that this trend is only growing. Twenty years ago, piercing were nearly unheard of, teenage pregnancies concealed, nuclear family's looked down upon, single mothers singled out as scum. Why such a sudden change? Well from a contradictive standpoint, I firmly agree that finally family values are at an uproar. Personally, I believe family values couldn't be any better. For once we live in a society where everything is accepted, and there is little prejudice or the injustice that comes along with it. Many strong religions would lead you to believe that we are living in a society that is none other that to be "damned" for all eternity. For once our children have a voice for them selves. No longer do they have to follow their parents fore settings, or stand out to fit in among their peers. The twenty-first century is full of diversity, and its beautiful, whether it be from gay/lesbian communities, ethnical groups, social groups, social classes etc. Finally we have set the pacesetter for our own existence, and our own welfare. If we chose to be different, why should we be discriminated against and looked down upon by a family whose parents embedded their children with counterproductive mentalities, that in the long run only hurt them selves rather than anyone else. .
             "Perhaps the turn of a century arouses unusually strong fears about the future and anxieties about departing from family traditions.

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