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Fire Protection

             On all fire calls, it is required that one of the most immediate things done is a search and rescue. A search and rescue is when a group of firefighters go into a burning building (usually in groups of two) and search high and low for anyone who may have been injured, or is not capable of leaving a building without assistance. In this paper I am going to talk about tactics that firefighters use to keep themselves safe as well as save lives.
             When first entering a building, a firefighter's number one priority is safety for himself as well his fellow firefighters. Firefighters are there to help, not become more of the problem. Once a scene is cleared by the captain depending on the size of the structure groups of 2 will go in and do a "primary search" this search requires firefighters to enter every room, closet, anyplace a victim might be hiding to get away from the fire. They do this by crawling on the ground and feeling there way around staying on wall's and reaching out so do not get lost hoping to get a hold on someone. The reason they stay close to the ground is because a person might had fallen over due to smoke inhalation and they also might be entering a room with temp's well over a 1000 degrees, and staying low is the coolest place in the room. Also when entering a building a firefighter must bring a forcible entry tool with them to help search under furniture, and to break windows for ventilation or emergency exit. After the initial fire suppression and ventilation operations have been completed, firefighters other than the ones who did the primary search are assigned to do a secondary search. This search is meant to be a thorough search to make sure every area of the house is clear of people and to also make sure the fire is not rekindling. .
             When doing a search and a victim is found you must first see if the victim is conscious and able to speak. If the victim is not conscious you and your partner must grab either arm and drag them out to safety, the reason you do not carry a person is because poisonous gases are in the air so the only somewhat breathable air is on the ground, plus temp's on the ground are much cooler than the ones up above.

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