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            Hazardous Materials, what is that? Any hazardous material is something that can harm or kill the environment and even humans. When thinking of it, it seems awful. Well, a HAZMAT team, which they are commonly called, is often who responds to a call involving something unknown. These members are specialty trained to handle these materials. There are many aspects for them to know, including how to protect themselves, what may happen to them, and how to identify what they are working with. These are just basic levels of their training. For a HAZMAT member they deal with these basic aspects at every situation. These teams are highly trained and train on-going so they can protect the earth and the human race. .
             The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the use and construction of bulk and non-bulk containers in the transportation of hazardous materials, as well as the markings that must be attached to them while in transit. Each material is classified into a hazardous class, which has a corresponding placard and label which needs to be attached to the outside of transport vehicles. The Environment Protection Agency also regulates the use and labeling of agricultural chemicals and pesticides, even materials for which interstate transport and markings are regulated by DOT. Information must be visible with signal words such as danger, warning, or caution on labels.
             Another marking system is the National Fire Protection Association's 704 Marking System. This system is the only one nationally recognized in fixed site facilities. Federal law does not require the system, but state or municipality laws or ordinances may require it. This system utilizes a diamond-shaped sign which is divided by color codes of Blue (Health Hazard); Red (Flammability Hazard); Yellow (Reactivity Hazard) and White (Specific Hazard) associated with any materials located in the posted area. Then the hazards are ranked from 0 to 4 risk.

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