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             Prometheus was a strong titan who had the power of fire. And he specifically told not to give it to the humans, but he did. And as his punishment he was chained up for all eternity.
             Prometheus had a power and that power was to be kept out of human hands. As, they would gain too much power if they were able to control their lives. This is the moral in both the original Frankenstein and the Mary Shelley Frankenstein version. Victor and Henry attained the knowledge of recreating life. A knowledge that others before them had but never followed with the recreation of it. And in result they both eventually received, in a way, a form of punishment.
             Victor Frankenstein wanted to beat death. He wanted to prove that having life is not controlled by a greater force, God, but that it could be given through science. He wanted to show the world that, by your own hands life can be given. You don't have to die. And in the end initially prove that life is what you make it, your life is your choice. The choice was yours. Now Henry on the other hand, his intent was to merely do the thinkable. He wanted to do what was said couldn't be done. He wanted to prove to his peers, the theories he had come up with. .
             Both gentlemen suffer in a way like Prometheus. Henry did not suffer as bad but he did learn his lesson. Henry managed to get away danger, but he did suffer pain from the monster trying to kill him and throwing him off the roof. Victor seemed to have suffered more like Prometheus. Both men gained the knowledge of life and how to defy death. But that was not enough. They took it to the next level. Victor's knowledge and power which made the monster, the wonderful creation, was the same thing that destroyed him. Victor gained power and knowledge but he lost his life in return. Were as, Henry only suffered severe pain. So for both men, there down fall was their prize possession, as was Prometheus.

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