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             ""An understanding of how characters are constructed can be enhanced by an understanding of the social and historical context in which the novel was written," discuss with reference to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.".
             Knowledge on social and historical factors that have effected an author's novel allows the reader to have greater general insight into the novel if they are understood. Frankenstein, composed by Mary Shelley, features representations of the construction of characters and have been perceived differently by different generations. A greater understanding of the construction of Mary Shelley's characters is achieved through a greater understanding of the circumstances of which Shelley was working under, specifically time; the 1810's, and social pressures that Shelley had to conform to and those of which she had to rebuke.
             In the era of Mary Shelley historically science used for the re-creation, or creation, of life was a new topic and only the educated were exposed to the attempts that scientists were devoting their research to. Socially the uneducated had no say in the matter, it was likely that many of them were ignorant to what was being endeavoured. Amongst the rich and educated these deeds were controversial and there was no prescient for them to consider; these were new grounds. Also the aims of the generation for Frankenstein's creature were much different to ours due to the more primitive form of science. The society of Mary Shelley new what the boundary of playing God was; some chose to rebuke it others to achieve it, those rebuking it outweighing those considering it. Our society has been meddling with the properties of "God creations" for many years. Changing organisms for the convenience of the human race has become extremely acceptable in some instances, for example the process of creating of insulin. Even the scientific creation of humans is becoming more acceptable as research progresses.

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