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Global Warming

            Just the beginning of a coming calamity", global warming, the rise in the average surface temperature of the planet, has been a controversial topic for the past several decades. Many scientists have portrayed it as the end of our world, a doomsday, predicting that unnatural increases in greenhouse gases will contribute to drastic temperature increases over the next century, while many corporations have tried to deny allegations that greenhouse gases are the main cause of this. However, members of each group see both sides of the issue.
             Richard S. Lindzen, a professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology points out that the fact that the Earth's average surface temperature is fifteen degrees centigrade instead of minus eighteen degrees centigrade is due to the greenhouse effect. He also downplays the role of humans in this effect. He claims that over 98 percent of the current greenhouse effect would remain due to vapor and clouds even if all other greenhouse gases disappeared. While he admits to the increase in greenhouse gases, he questions if those increases will continue uniformly. He suggests a rise of 0.5 to 1.2 degrees Centigrade, and claims that the general consensus among scientists is that this will have few if any negative effects on this planet.
             On the other hand, articles found at explorezone.com maintain that sea levels will rise at least two meters over the next few hundred years. Also, if increases of carbon dioxide remain unchecked, the Amazon rainforest will disappear. Coastal flooding will occur even if greenhouse gas emission is zeroes, because heat will gradually penetrate deeper and deeper in the ocean. Other problems include water shortages, forest loss, melting polar ice caps, falling crop yields, and increased coastal flooding (including major cities around the world). Although they admit that it may also cause increased river flow, a potentially positive side effect.

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