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God Exist

            One of the most predominate issues that is considered in the human mind today is of the question, "Does God exist?" Logically speaking there are rules, or more often called, laws that govern the way we act and think, one of such laws is looked at as the law of excluded middle. In this rule we basically identify that in some issues there is no middle ground, an object cannot both possess and not possess a certain trait or characteristic at the same time in the same fashion, either something is or it is not.
             The statement "God exist," is a precisely stated position. Thus, we recognize that it is either true or false. The fact is that one can not logically affirm that God does and does not exist at the same time, atheist believe that Gad does not exist, theist believe He does, and agnostic, exerts the idea that not enough information is available to make the decision. So who is right? Does God exist or does, he not? The only way to satisfy the question is to seek out and study the evidence, proving finally that God does indeed exist.
             Most predominate among the arguments of an atheist is the creation of the universe and that is self-created, however, the idea is simple improvable and discreditable by scientific reason. The fact stands that God is the Creator, and through Him all things are possible, being as it may God clearly created the universe and likewise everything in it. From this we gather that the universe either had a beginning, or it did not. However, all available evidenced indicates that the universe had a beginning. Since the universe had a beginning it had to have a cause, the universe is an effect, and by definition there is no effect without a cause. Nothing causeless happens. So .
             Nicholas 2.
             then the question is asked who or what created the universe, (a) an existence before it, i.e., some eternal, uncaused First Cause, (b) is superior to it --since the created cannot be superior to the creator; and (c) is of a different nature.

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