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Elizabeth and Luther

            Elizabeth and Luther: World-shakers .
             Our society favors conformity over defiance. We would rather obey than question authority. We prefer passivity to activism. But who helped shape our world, who moved people to action, who prompted reforms? Those who went against the flow, who took the risks, who remained true to their convictions. They were the ones that changed society and made a mark in the history of mankind.
             Martin Luther, religious reformer and Elizabeth I, Queen of England are among those whose names equaled defiance and reform.
             Both non-conformists themselves, Luther was the leader of religious reforms in the 16th century while Elizabeth's accession marked the great epochs of English history. Like Luther who dared to question the authority of the influential Catholic Church, Elizabeth severed ties with Rome and restored Protestantism as England's official religion. Luther had to contend with the opposition from Catholics and so was Elizabeth who was marred by Catholic challenges and plots throughout her reign. .
             One of the difficulties experienced by Elizabeth in governing the English state was the prejudice against women rulers. It would have been hard for her to win the support and the cooperation of men in governing effectively. Elizabeth's refusal to marry was another sign of her indignant character, refusing to share power with a husband. Like Luther she chose to tread the road less traveled by even if it meant being alone. Luther breaking away from the Catholic Church was like "fighting over windmills", so was Elizabeth's breaking away from the established monarchic tradition. .
             Luther and Elizabeth possessed the courage of their convictions. They did what they thought was right to do even when it meant considerable opposition. Although Elizabeth was known to have summoned the most number of parliaments, she undauntedly ended the sessions when she did not like the parliament's advice.

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