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Is Homosexuality Sin?

             Thesis Statement: "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is .
             This is the quote that most often justifies Christian .
             homophobia. I will show that everyone, if this is what they believe, is welcome into the.
             kingdom of God no matter what their sexual preferences are. .
             The Gay and Lesbian community should be welcomed into the house of God instead of .
             being turned away for being openly homosexual. This subject is the cause of some.
             controversy between the church and the Gay and Lesbian community. The Church seems .
             to think that being homosexual is a choice the individual makes in order to directly defy .
             Gods wishes. "The Christian homosexual position when carefully examined can be.
             exposed for what it is at its very core: an attack upon the integrity, sufficiency, and .
             authority of scripture, which for the Christian church is an attack upon the very nature of .
             our Holy God!" (P3 Scroggs). .
             Others think that it is just a phase that everyone goes through, and once you fulfill your.
             homosexual desires you can truly be heterosexual again. Some people have evidence that .
             the words in the Bible were translated wrong from Hebrew to Greek and then to English. .
             They believe that this should be made known and made right. The Christian Church is .
             ruled by patriarchy, it was men who wrote the bible and interpret the words of God. This .
             goes to show how men have been telling us what to think, say and feel since the .
             beginning of time. They convey their own prejudices into the bible and tell Christians that .
             this is what they should believe or it is a sin against God. .
             These are some of the main points that will be the foundation of this essay. Patriarchy is.
             the foundation of the Christian Church. The Church was founded by men, ran by men, .
             and ruled by male ideologies. Until recently men were the only ones who were allowed by .
             the church to be Ordained Priests. It was not until the mid to late 1960's that women were .

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