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            Jordan since its independence from British administration in 1946, witch then was ruled by a pragmatic ruler King Hussein. He then successfully navigated competing pressures from other major powers and various Arab states. Several wars with Israel and couple attempts using its large internal Palestinian population were still able to hold power through the late 60's on into the 80's. In 1988 the Palestinian revolt in the West Bank and Gaza King Hussein announced that all of Jordan's administrative and legal ties with the West Bank along with the development program were to be cut. Since renouncing it's claims to the West Bank the territorial question was virtually removed as an obstacle to peace with Israel. In 1989 King Hussein resumed parliamentary elections and gradually permitted political liberalization. A formal peace treaty was signed with Israel in 1994, which provided for the dropping of all economic barriers between the two countries and close cooperation on security, water and other issues. In 1999 King Abdallah II the eldest son of King Hussein assumed the throne of his father after his death in February. Since then he has consolidated his power and established his domestic priorities. Home to the Bedouin many of whom still live a traditional lifestyle in the desert. The capital city of Amman is a modern thriving city built on many small hills. Amman is home to many museums and art galleries. There are some excellent hotels and restaurants but the city of Aqaba is Jordan's resort town offering the only diving and snorkeling sites and some swim able beaches .
             Jordan is located in the Middle East and is land locked between Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the West Bank of Israel. The terrain is made up of 80% desert plateau in the south and east. To the west there is the upper highlands and the Great Rift Valley separates the East from the west banks of the Jordan River.

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