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Music Review of Rock Band

             On the cold and windy streets of downtown San Francisco, on Sunday August 17, 2003, the shining lights from the Gold Dust Lounge captured my eye. As I made my way towards the entrance, the historical atmosphere of the lounge greeted me. Upon entering, I felt I was taken back into time, when this place was first built in 1933, because of the euphoric western themed lounge. The lounge was elongated and was decorated with black and white photographs on the wall, the floor had the classic red carpet and the seats were covered with velvet cloth. With all this in mind, my primary focus was to be entertained by the trio band, Johnny Z and The Camaros. .
             Their performance seemed to target the upscale and ritzy crowd and I was lead to this belief because of the high price of the lounge menu. The crowd was mesmerized as Johnny z and the camaros started playing. The trio played the keyboard, the drum/bass, and the electric guitar. I noticed that Johnny Z and the camaros, were unique in their own sense because each member had an engagement to their instrument, which allowed them to create a perfect harmony, which enthused the ritzy crowd. .
             One of their first pieces that caught my attention was a melody entitled "Loving You." The Song started slowly with a keyboard interlude that was followed by a moderate change in tempo. Into the keyboard refrain, the vocalist began to sing using riffs in the beginning and proceeded with the electric guitar solo that was influenced by lite melody cords reminiscent of early R&B with a more gritty edge to it. The drum and bass persisted through the song with a constant monastic sound. Near the end of the piece, the drums and bass remained constant as the keyboard and the vocalist started to fade.
             The second selection began with a more fast paced melody entitled "Cant Let Go." The vocalist began the song, as the keyboard proceeded into the melody and the drum/bass kept changing the rhymn back and forth.

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