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The Political Life of Theadore Roosevelt

             As a president Theodore Roosevelt was a strong leader and ruled with an iron fist. Not only did he conquer the frontier but he went on to conquer other countries. Roosevelt started out life as a born leader. When he was a child he overcame his sickness by physical exercise and rugged outdoor activities. After graduating from Harvard he went straight into politics. Starting as a Police Commissioners of New York and later went on to assistant secretary of the navy. He became a Rough Rider during the Spanish-American War. When he returned home he became the Governor of New York and Vice President of the United States. Roosevelt became President in 1901 when William McKinley was assassinated. .
             Roosevelt's main concern as president was the monopolization of big trust companies. He took on JP Morgan and other "big trust" companies; Roosevelt was considered a trustbuster in response to public pressure for greater government intervention into businesses, he passed the Hepburn Act. This Act says that railroads can only charge the amount that is set by the government and allowed the government to inspect financial records. He passed The Pure Food and Drug Act, which brought about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This act says that all foods and drugs had to be tested and approved by government officials before they went onto the market. He also passed The Meat Inspection Act, which empowered the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to inspect and label meat products. Roosevelt's concern with the destruction of the forest, prairies, streams, and wilderness led to putting the government in charge of the regulation of the environment with the start of the US Forest Service. .
             Not only was Roosevelt a strong leader in the US, but he was also one of the most aggressive advocates of an overseas empire. Along with Henry Lodge, Roosevelt pushed for international expansion. He wanted to free Cuba from Spanish rulers and build a canal across the Panama; Roosevelt's attempt to buy the ground was unsuccessful.

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