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Minors Should Never Be Tried As Adults

            Minors Should Never Be Tried as Adults.
             In our judicial system today, there are currently two classifications a person can fall under when being tried in court. When a person is tried, he will fall under the category of either an adult or a minor. However, things in the judicial system are changing. Kids who would normally be considered a minor are now beginning to be tried as an adult. It seems to be plain and simple, a minor in this country is defined as a person under the age of eighteen. How, then, can we single out certain minors and call them adults? Were they considered adults before they carried out an act of violence? No. How then, did a violent act cause them to cross over a line that is defined by age? The current debate over juvenile crime is being dominated by two voices: officials proposing quick-fix solutions, and a media more intent on reporting violent crimes than successful prevention efforts. Minors should never be tried as adults in our society today. This is obvious through looking at propositions by our government, statistics on juvenile crime, and also from specific cases where minors where sentenced in adult courts.
             Politicians feel the best and easiest solution is to simply lock up youth offenders for long periods of time and ignore rehabilitation. Most studies reveal that putting young offenders in adult prisons leads to more crime, higher prison costs, and increased violence. Yet, we are spending more and more on corrections, and less on prevention efforts. Some states spend more on corrections than they do on higher education. The cost of keeping juveniles in prison as compared to putting them into rehabilitation programs is considerably higher. The average cost of sentencing a juvenile for one year costs about 92 % more than intervening with the child per year. Also, the effectiveness of prisons to prevent juveniles from becoming repeated offenders is low.

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