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Statutory Rape

            What is happening to the relationships we once thought were all OK? What are.
             these relationships that are so appalling, that it's illegal? It is known as Statutory.
             Rape. It is considered to be a relationship with a boy or girl that is under the age.
             of 18, who are wrongfully having a sexual relationship with a boy or girl who is.
             over the age of 18. But these "such age differences are of little public.
             interest"(Darroch, Jacqueline 1) which can't really assist to the laws that have.
             already been written and stated. One of the original laws were "designed to.
             protect adolescent girls from sex under any circumstances, regardless of whether,.
             there was consent."(Westphal, Sylvia 4) Also another law was "a group of steps.
             taken that make punishments harsh, including first, second, and third."(Westphal,.
             Sylvia 4) The reason that the nation is trying to be more tough on this issue is.
             because many minors do not know what they are getting themselves into, with no.
             responsibility, and even acknowledgment of what could happen next, and this.
             next problem would either be an unwanted pregnancy or a life threatening.
             disease. The following facts lead to the research of my paper, of how.
             punishments need to be more strictly involved in these uncontrolling relationships.
             of statutory rape that lead a child into a terrible life of an inexperienced minor.
             Age makes a big difference in any relationship that is involved with a minor. .
             One example is "any minor that gives birth to a baby know very little and don't .
             have the responsibility or even age to deal with parenting."(Darroch, Jacqueline.
             1) For the opposite, an adult should very well have more experience than a.
             minor, and is more likely able to live independently, then a minor who is most.
             likely still living with their parents, and attending school. They don't have any.
             time to raise a child. But in most cases, unexpected pregnancies with a minor.
             and adult show that in the "US, men are generally somewhat older than their.

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